My name is Thulani Mncwango. I’m a 37 year old male. In the year 2001 I was first diagnosed with HIV. For the following years I felt fine until I contracted TB in 2005. I went for treatment for 6 months and was eventually discharged with a clean bill of health. Then again at the beginning of 2007 I felt very sick. I couldn’t walk. My feet started swelling up and I had to use crutches to aid my walking. I could barely walk 5 meters without running short of breath and getting tired. Around June 2007 I was invited to take part in a study at a Johannesburg clinic to test the effectiveness of a herbal supplement on CD4 count. I volunteered in this study Shortly after taking the herbal supplement on a daily basis, I could actually feel a difference compared to how I felt when I started, and after two months I was back to my old self. For the last ten months I have been completely healthy. I have never felt better in my entire life. Apart from the herbal supplement, I have not used any other medication. I hereby give permission that this testimonial can be made public.
Thulani Mncwango
It has been about a month since my wife started taking the Oleander capsules and program for her breast cancer. I am happy to report she is doing very well so far. She is now up to four per day, she built up to that over a period of about two weeks. She takes the capsules on an empty stomach to avoid an initial digestive problem. The best thing that is happening now is that her hemoglobin level is finally coming up for the first time since last September. She is regaining a little strength every day, and it is truly wonderful to see.
My Mom was diagnosed with stg 4 ovarian cancer last Aug. She had chemo twice, two weeks apart. It almost killed her and she did not do the remaining 6 scheduled doses. She started on Budwig and later added Oleander (OPC pills). After about 3-4 months when she was feeling really good, she started chemo again. A different combo that was milder than the first. She just finished with that. In the beginning her CA-125 was 5300. It has gone down to 87. At first, they couldn't operate saying that the tumor was spread out all over her abdomen with do defined parameters. Now they are saying that it has shrunk and is operable
I just wanted to let you know that I received product and began taking it March 19, 2009 as per protocol. I am now taking 2- 2 times per day. No side effects so far. I have noticed that my nipple has improved. Ever since immediately after the first mammogram, I've had a hard yellow crusting covering entire nipple (no real discharge). Over this past weekend I noticed it has just two small areas with discoloration and it looks like it's healing. The mass hasn't shrunk in any way that I can notice, but it's only been 12 days.
Just a quick update. I have had 3 cycles of chemo - The 4th tomorrow. I have responded well to the chemo and the supplements and am feeling very well. I am tired, but gaining weight etc. I am taking the liquid Sutherlandia OPC which is fine...The flavour is not great....but never mind. My liver function has improved since the selenium, alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle supplements and S/OPC were taken from April 2008 and my bilirubin is now 33 (normal is 0-19) but it was at 179 and I was yellow - it may be normal soon!. My general liver function is improving it is still a way of perfect but better.
My friend had told me about Sutherlandia OPC and he seemed pretty confident with the product so I decided to give it a try. Before I was getting cortisol injections and I knew I couldn't do that forever so that's when I decided to start Sutherlandia OPC. After a few weeks of taking it my hair stopped falling out as much and I noticed that my smaller bald spots had gone away. It has really helped my hair growth as well as my immunity from getting sick.
We are seeing great success with Sutherlandia OPC. One of our cancer horses was checked Friday by the vet and the tumors are going down or are totally gone.
I just picked up copies of all my MRI scans/reports from the hospital from 2007-2009. The biggest significance in reversal has been from 2008-2009. In addition to the 3x2 cm area right behind the nipple that is not nearly as enhanced now, there was an area described as “4.5 cm band of parenchymal enhancement in the midportion of the left breast suspicious for breast neoplasm, probably DCIS, similar to that of MRI 2007.” THIS AREA IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.  ! Neither is the 2x1 cm that was “new” in 2008 – that is also gone. So……it’s better than I previously thought!!!!!!!!!!! I know I’m doing a lot of things on the physical, emotional and energy levels, but I truly believe on the physical level, for me, it’s been change of diet and the OPC that have given me the speediest results
Finally got my MRI results back – the 3 main things were 1) only a slight enlargement/enhancing of 2.3x1.8.1.4cm area in upper left breast with greater enhancement – however, in same area “isolated foci demonstrating mild washout were also observed”. It goes on to say the entire area is indeterminant. Also that considerations of the area include changes of ductal carcinoma versus nodular fibrocystic change. This area also originally 3 years ago had tons of microcalcifications which disappeared in 2007 and are gone. No indication of invasion and no lymph node involvement. 2) Deep in middle of breast 1.5 years ago had 5x1cm enhancement new area suspicious for breast neoplasm/ductal carcinoma is NOW being described as 9.9x5.0mm mild washout area quite possibly a fibrocystic change. 3) (this is what we’re excited about as it’s the paget’s area that in the past was increasing and appeared to be growing back into the breast – it was originally biopsied in 2006 as high nuclear grade cribriform type with focal comedo necrosis). Is a retroareolar enhancement that increased and was worse from 2007 to 2008 is NOW being described as “nodular parenchymal enhancement with a benign appearing steadily increasing dynamic pattern of contrast enhancement, suggestive of underlying fibrocystic changes. Retroareolar enhancement now appears less prominent compared to 2008. So, I’m not out of the woods yet but definitely improving!
I just wanted to thank you for your support. My last tumor has just vanished in the last 3 days or so. For how long should I continue taking the Sutherlandia? I want to order some more for me and more for my sister who has Hep C.
I wanted to give you an update on a customer of mine who has ALS. After taking 4 bottles, he is doing really, really good. He told me that all of his 'numbers' are up and his doctor is going to look into s-opc.
My Stepdad has been taking the homemade Oleander and the Sutherlandia OPC for a tumor for about a 15 months and he is doing awesome . . . I'm not sure if his tumor has shrunk, but he is living a productive life which we didn't think he would make it 2-3 weeks when first diagnosed about 15 months ago. His color was bad and he was not a good candidate for the Whipple Surgery after they did more tests. He had a tumor blocking his bile duct, and they put a stint through it and that is all they did and then he changed his diet and started taking the Homemade Oleander and now all his blood tests (liver) is fine. He now also takes the Sutherlandia OPC too. He is 81 and his energy and color are great, so this is what I go by. And the doctors just tell him to keep doing what he is doing..............
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You are truly brilliant!! I cant tell you enough how much our lives have been impacted by getting to know you. We feel so blessed to say that we have met an ANGEL. I truly believe you are heaven sent! You sir are living proof that humanity will prevail over hatred and greed. You are honest, informative, caring, gracious and a SAINT. I pray every night that my friend will be healthy and prevail from this disease...and I thank God for you and pray that he continues to give you good health and the knowledge to continue the priceless work that you have done for human kind. Emailing you and not knowing truly who you are or never even seeing a picture of you, has me picturing you in my own mind. I picture a great and mighty ANGEL of GOD. Thank you so much!!!!
The latest biopsy report: Cancer has dropped from level 3 to level 2. Requires 4 Radiotherapy treatments plus 2 Laser treatments. But no chemotherapy which was very definitely on the cards at the beginning of treatment. Things are looking much brighter,Specialist stated “whatever you are doing, keep it up”. Megan is also having Vit. C. injections. Still not out of the woods, but the sun is starting to shine through the trees. She is feeling nauseous most of the time. But with your recommendation, will purchase NAC today.
Just to let you know that my husband has chronic Hep C (and HIV) and initial stage cirrhosis and since taking Sutherlandia OPC and Essiac plus other supplements recommended by Tony and Marc and sourced ourselves including milk thistle which is considered super important for the liver, his sleeping has much improved as has appetite and energy. Another improvement which I haven-t mentioned before on site which however I am sure is a sign of being healthier is his libido being back to normal too. Good luck
Hi Marc, I am fine - My last CT was clear and the docs all seem happy - going to the gym 3 times a week. have got to take calcium as I have issues with mal absorbsion due to my stoma etc. My bilirubin is 42 was 179 when I started OPC, so its coming down.
I started using Sutherlandia OPC (plus IP-6) on July 25, 2008. I added the Budwig FOCC Protocol on September 17, 2008, and have now followed it daily for the past nine weeks.
I have been in email conversation with Marc Swanepoel and have learned MUCH from him. I believe that Sutherlandia OPC is a major factor in the improvement of my numbers these past four months. Here are the results of my blood tests for a blood draw on 11.11.08 at Alta Bates Cancer Center (Berkeley). I am encouraged with my numbers, which indicate significant progress in the relatively brief period of time that I have been using Sutherlandia OPC.

Date | PSA | % fPSA |
Range | <4.0 | >20% |
01/24/08 | 26.2 | 10.0 |
07/22/08 | 31.3 | 07.9 |
09/23/08 | 25.0 | 09.5 |
11/11/08 | 22.9 | 10.3 |
12/11/08 | 21.3 | 3.04 |

My PSA dropped from 31.3 (7/22/08) to 25.0 (9/23/08) and then to 21.3 (12/11/08).
My stepdad was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor blocking his bile duct which they said had spread to his pancreas and liver and this was last Thanksgiving. He was given a couple of months and had lost over 50 lbs in two months. Well here we are a year later and he has put on weight and is golfing on a regular basis. He is 80 years old and living life to the fullest! He used the sutherlandia OPC along with the anti-cancer protocol suggested on the Oleandergoup website.
We have been enjoying the changes from taking your wonderful product.
Hey man, just an update on the oleander drink... Before I took it, I had pain in the stomach if I ate before going to bed... the last 2 weeks no more pain.....and also I noticed the stools were kinda yukky at the beginning and I noticed mucus coming out with some weird stuff (looking like jelly stuff)...and now it looks all good..... This thing really does something!
I can confirm that your oleander mix helps with hairgrowth. I used to cut my hair once every two months. Then I found I had to cut it every six weeks and now I have to cut it every four weeks. All this happened since I started taking the S/OPC about 6 months ago. I take 4 capsules per day.
What I like about this supplement is the extra energy it brings. I have much energy already and I still notice more stamina. The Colloidal Silver & S/OPC has also helped my dog immensely. His liver enzymes were way up for two years, last week got the results, he is completely normal now, yippee! He is almost 13, unheard of for pooches to get better with age. I noticed today all his fatty tumors are melting away. I'm truly thrilled, he has had some of them for many years. He has dropped some weight and is shedding less too. No kidding his appearance and health are changing/improving more each day. I'm so sold on S/OPC. I'm telling anyone who will listen. My poor doggie was a mess, not anymore!
A friend of the family had just been diagnosed with Testicular cancer and has only been on the supplementation for 2 weeks. His ~3 to 4 cm tumor shrunk by 1.6 cm in just 2 weeks. He is working with an Oncologist to have an occasional pet scan but not doing any traditional/conventional therapy in terms of treatment; just taking the OPC as well as IP-6; very encouraging thus far for him.
Just to let you know that my husband got a really good report on tests last week. Scans showed no new growth and no new tumors. Some of the existing tumors had grown just a little so now we need to see if we can get them to shrink. We'll just keep doing what we have been doing. Thanks.
I am just about done with my third bottle and the edema in my ankles have improved by about half, which is great.
My mom has been using a number of supplements since December and has started with OPC two months ago. She has Non-Hodgkings lymphoma. She is also still taking chlorambucil (not sure about the spelling) every 14 days (I cannot convice her not to take the chemo). She has been doing and looking very well. I would also like to mention that I noticed that the OPC does assist with the side effects of the chemo. Previously I used to get her whey protein for that purpose, but she did not need it this past two weeks.
I have been having problems with post nasal drip and I took a teaspoon last night, the drip stopped in like 10 minutes.
By the way, the first shipment seems to be working great. I have more energy and feel like my entire physical being is a few notches higher. I have improved strength on my mountain bike climbs and better bowel health Thanks again for all the work you do