Advanced Breast Cancer

Advanced Breast Cancer

A woman of 51 was diagnosed with stage IV infiltrating ductal breast carcinoma during early 2004. The cancer had already spread to surrounding tissues and she was advised by her oncologist to undergo chemotherapy treatment before having a mastectomy. The patient refused the chemo and her sister, who had heard about the OPC, advised her to try it. She started taking 15ml/day of the OPC in October 2004. At that stage, the tumor itself was the size of a grapefruit and was already protruding from the breast.

After using the OPC for a few months, the spreading to surrounding tissues was halted and the body seemed to be expelling the tumor to the extent that it looked as if it was going to pop out (see picture, taken on 3 May 2005). As the patient was concerned about possible metastases, it was suggested that she visits the oncologist again for various exploratory scans. Very importantly, no sign of any systemic metastases was found.

Because of the external nature of the tumor, the oncologist suggested a 5-week, 1-minute per day direct radiation treatment and the patient agreed to this. During the radiation treatment, she continued taking the OPC. During a follow-up visit on 2 July 2005, the oncologist expressed surprise at the rapid response of the tumor to radiation. However, the written report mentioned that “…the long term prognosis for locally advanced breast cancer is poor and she may develop systemic metastases in the near future.”. Picture to the left was taken on 17 June 205, directly after completion of the radiation. The screening marks of the radiologist are still visible.

During a second follow-up visit on 18 Oct 2005, the oncologist reports states: “..She has had a remarkable response on radiation..and homeopathic supplements. She can now be regarded as being in remission…. She is therefore now fit for work..”. The “homeopathic supplements” referred to by the oncologist is the OPC. An SMS received from the patient on that day reads: “Its official, I’m a miracle. There’s no tumor left and medics all gasping…”. Picture to the left, taken on 16 May 2006, shows that the breast has healed completely. Although the nipple was destroyed by the initial tumor, the breast is normal in all other aspects.

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